Fighting deep inside the soul

Last week, my husband and I watched “Revolutionary Road” in Megastar. Today we have just watched “The Trap” in Cinematheque. In those two films, the two main characters die. From that I can see something fighting deep inside the soul that only death can solve. (So we are very lucky because we never had something so complicated inside like that. Or we still control our complexity.)

“Revolutionary Road” is about one couple who are married for some years, have 2 children, one day they feel bored with the normal life and want to change it. They decide to go to start a new life in Paris. Because of having to take care of the family the man has to waste every day with a boring work. They think that if they go to Paris they can have time to think about what they really want to do or really want to become. But the wife get pregnant and they have to cancel their plan. At the same time the husband is offered a higher position with a higher salary. He’s facing a hard choice between allowing his wife to abort and change life or keep the child and continue this boring life. But his wife still want to pursue her dream of innovation. Her will seem strong. Something fighting deep inside. She really want to change her life. It could not be different as what she thought, dreamt and planned. So she decide to abort, causing her own death. She knew that otherwise she’d have regretted it all her life.



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“The trap” is about one man who needs money for his son’s operation. 26,000 euros. His wife publish their call for help in a newspaper. One man call for him to say that if he kill one rich man he would be given enough money for his son. Firstly he refuses but his son nearly die so he has no choice. The man who hired him disappear after he kill the rich man. He go to tell the truth to the police but they don’t believe him because he got drunk. The wife of the man who was killed sent to his wife enough money for his son’s operation. One the day the son is schedule to be operated he comes to the wife of the man he killed to tell the truth. But although he told the truth his soul still is not in peace. Although the wife of the man he killed let he go his soul is still fighting. In the end of the film he stop his car for a long time, one car pass by, one noise of gun. (No one know who kill him but he died. Maybe he killed himself, maybe the man who hired him killed him, maybe the brother of the rich man killed him). But in his case, only death help him solve his problem.


Because of writing in English I can not express all the ideas I want to share. But every small things of the films make me feel that the directors are excellent in every small detail of describe people’s soul.


Viết năm 2010




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